Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Road Trip to Mukteshwar

Trip Budget:  5000/head

Total no. of Days :- 5 Days Preferably weekends

Total expenditure (Per head):- 5000 on Budget trip.

My Budget: - Trip starts from Delhi

Spent On
(Return Journey)
800 – Train
1500 –  Bus
4000 – Car
-        Nearest station is Kathgodam and Haldwani
-        Direct bust from ISBT , Delhi to Mukteshwar
-        Depends on you
Includes in Camping
Lunch breakfast Dinner
Stay + Sports
1000 / Day
Trekking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing, Mounting, Dancing, yoga, Mediation, sightseeing, Sunrise, natural fall, trekking, Bird Watching, Bonfire, Volleyball, Basketball, Archery etc.

Journey Begins
Day 1: Arrival (Snacks and Tea/Coffee) + Rest at Camps +Bone fire + Dance
Day 2: Trek to Water fall + Rappelling + Bone fire + Dance
Day 3: Yoga + Mediation +Archery+ Trekking to Ghena Forest + Bird Watching
Day 4:  Rock Climbing, Mountaining +Bone fire + Dance+ Farewell
Day 5:  Reach early morning to Delhi

- During Jungle Trekking you will dehydrate. Carry your own hydrating liquid.
- Leech is common in jungle. Carry Sport's shoes ( Trekking shoes proffered)+ with full leg socks and trekking suit.

It was a 5-day Jungle trip experience in Purple camp of Ghena forest at Mukteshwar.
Professional coach will teach you to tackle dangerous situation in a forest. 
It was a great experience visiting Mukteshwar.
The best part was to stay in a camp, with no lighting and basic facilities.
The place is not very crowded with almost no hotels but it is easy to commute from Delhi ISBT . 
This place offers a lot in terms of scenic beauty, tracking, adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling, fire fox, enjoying a bath in water fall, eating lunch near the fall during track etc.
Great ambiance for sitting alone and enjoying the breeze of nature or dancing on local live music will rejuvenate you.
Here they will serve you drinks with snacks, followed by lavish dinner. Staff is very homely and respectful. You may request for tea/ coffee any number of times. Moreover, you can request for special Paratha or omelet and no one tells you "It’s not part of the package”.
I personally believe, it is a great place to visit with groups and children above 10 year of age. Not so right for elderly people as one has to walk a lot, carry own luggage etc. Temple track, Sunrise track, natural fall track is quite amazing.

Things needed
1. Sport's shoes (Trekking shoes preferred)
2. Touches.
3. One Water Bottle
5. Suns cream and Insect repellent
1. All meals.
2. Stay at Camps Twin Sharing with Sleeping bags/bed.
3. Gudied Trekker
4. Small Medical Aid.
5. Camp activity
6. Bonfire 

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