Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trip to Rishikesh
Trip Budget:  2500 /head
Rishikesh is around 25 Km from Haridwar. Apart from is religious attribute and amazing natural beauty, it is also known for its adventure sports like Cliff Jumping, Kayaking, Rafting, bunji jumping and many more. The thrill does not end here Camping, Bone Fire and Jungle trekking add on to it.

Total no. of Days :- 2 Days Preferably weekends

Total expenditure (Per head):- 2500 on Budget trip.

My Budget: - Trip starts from Delhi

Spent On
500 – Train
750 Bus
1500 – Car
Includes Return fare from Delhi
Includes in Camping
Lunch breakfast Dinner
Stay + Sports
1400 - 2000
Camping, Bone Fire , Cliff Jumping, Kayaking, Rafting

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